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So you are interested in my lifestyle and want to know more about me? You are at the right place: My name is Peter Müller-Meerkatz, I am an entrepreneur and frequent flyer. Crazy about sports and thrilled with traveling. With a network around the world, but still deeply connected to my family. Our family has been successful in network marketing for more than forty years. In 1976, a year after the Amway launch in Germany, my parents laid the foundation for a global business. Today we continue to run the family business in the second generation – with an enormous wealth of knowledge and a high level of expertise in network marketing. Have you reached a turning point in your life? Do you actively want to work on your dreams and goals? You enjoy communicating and love to travel, you enjoy different people and cultures? Then it is time to learn more about the professional perspectives in network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM).

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You want to …

… Be your own boss?
… Be standing on your own two feet and work flexible?
… Change your life?
… Start your own business properly?
… Actively follow your goals?
… Build wealth in the long term?
… have a reasonable work-life balance?
… Start something new and become self-employed?
… Make your life different and discover a new lifestyle?
… Have a desire for something and be rewarded for it with success?
… Personally develop and gain financial freedom?
… Build your own business and benefit from it in the long term?

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A new start in network marketing

It’s time for a a new perspective? Your job doesn’t fullfil your expectations anymore and you want to burn for something again? Maybe self-employment in network marketing industry is just right for you. Take your chance at an additional income that can evolve into your own main acquisition business. Become an Amway business owner – we will support you all the way!
Be your own boss: Look forward to self-determined work with free time allocation (part or full-time possible) and earn your own money.

  • Minimal investment risk: Due to the very low start-up costs starting at 40 Euros, you can start your own business without almost any financial risk. You don’t need large investment like when you are setting up a limited liability company or starting your own franchise business.
  • No qualifications necessary: You don’t need any specific training, nor will you need any prior knowledge – any background is welcome.
  • Support from personal mentors: we are at your side with training courses and accompany you as a mentor both online and offline.
  • You can start your own business regardless of your age (of course from the age of 18 and above) and personal background: Whether part-time as a housewife, husband and mother/father, after a active professional phase or as a full-time entrepreneur.

Let us talk about your personal goals – together we will work out your perspectives and prepare the way for your own business.

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Career in network marketing

Become a millionaire overnight? Not quite: at Amway, you can get started without major hurdles. However, diligence, personal commitment, and a willingness to make a difference and achieve more are essential for your success. You want to change your life? Then use your will and inner strength, and start your own network marketing with Amway. Almost all founders start part-time, and typically build up a stable second income over one to two years. After that, network marketing can become the main profession – and you get closer and closer to your dreams and goals through a stable income.

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Why network marketing at Amway?

  • Amway has been the world leader in direct sales since 2012 –, making it a strong partner with a successful background.
  • Amway offers a wide range of products (more than 450 products) and you can specialize in wherever your interests are – such as nutritional supplements, in the field of fitness, beauty care or lifestyle products.
  • Amway is internationally positioned; for you this means you can build your business not only in Germany or your home country, but all over the world.
  • You can sell Amway products online with your own shop as well as offline, and run your business in the way you are most likely to do so.
  • Amway stands for a high quality of their products, secured by the Amway satisfaction guarantee.

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Your start into Amway

When if not now? If we have caught your interest, then take the opportunity and contact us. We are at your side with decades of experience, helpful industry know-how and personal commitment.

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